Rental Assistance


The Fulton CDA currently administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program, previously referred to as Section 8 Rental Assistance. This program provides a financial subsidy through monthly rental assistance to over 400 households (including the elderly and/or disabled) within the geographical limits of the City of Fulton. The list size of potential clients varies; average wait time is twelve months.

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The agency also administers the Family Self Sufficiency Program, an optional opportunity for rental assistance recipients. Participants receive counseling assistance and appropriate referral information to help define and set self-sufficiency goals, with FSS offering a monetary incentive to those participants who increase their earned income over a period of five years or less.

It is understood that as your earned income goes up, so does a Section 8 tenant’s share of rental payment responsibility. The FSS program matches these increases in total tenant payment that occur as a result of increases in earned income, and establishes an escrow account for the participating client. When the FSS participant can evidence meeting the goals he/she has established, with the ultimate goal of being off all forms of welfare assistance, the escrow account is released to the client.

Successful FSS participants often use the money accrued in their escrow accounts to pay off debts, buy a dependable car, or apply toward buying a home of their own.