Housing Rehabilitation

Since 1979, the City of Fulton Community Development Agency has implemented a Housing Rehabilitation Program utilizing state and federal funds to assist Owner-Occupied and Owner-Investor property owners with repairs of such items that include: windows, doors, insulation, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating, roofing and other types of repairs.

Eligible applicants are owners or owners with tenants whose incomes are at 80% of the area income median or lower. Eligible owners must have current property taxes, insurance and utilities and must contribute to the project on a sliding scale, based upon their income. Once deemed eligible, owners solicit bids from local contractors to complete the renovations specified by the CDA Housing Rehab Specialist. The Fulton CDA acts in the capacity of a Construction Manager to see the project to completion. The Fulton CDA utilizes the latest tools and resources available to follow green building initiatives and energy efficient standards.

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